it crashed!

Late Sunday night when I was doing my usual – blogging, surfing, downloading my new shows and checking out some stuff on eBay, and just when I was about to shut my laptop to head off to bed.  This happened!  My Macbook Pro crashed and along with it, half my world went KABOOM too!


Nothing I did worked!  I went on crazy google phase, the Man rolled his eyes when I said, ‘Type in, Macbook Pro suddenly died.‘  Well, it happened to others too!  And from the answers we read, I knew it was bleak.  The Macbook wouldn’t power up.  When I put the power plug into the laptop, there was no indication of any battery life to the laptop.  Sigh!  😦

The Man has since sent it in for repairs and I hope it’s just a hardware problem (ie: the battery).  Sigh.. i hadn’t backed up my photos for the last 3 months! 😦  Updates will be a little slow the next couple of days because I’m currently working on a back-up laptop while hoping for the best outcome for the other laptop.


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