Tokyo eats: a to z Cafe

The recent impromptu trip to Tokyo saw me spending a little lone time while the Man went about with his work meetings.  Had meant to meet up with a colleague but timings got messed up so my afternoon freed up.  Not quite knowing what I should do (didn’t quite make plans ahead), I whipped up the phone and tried to google for a nice cafe to suss out around Aoyama area.

A to Z cafe definitely stood out from the rest and I was determined to go look for it for well-known Japanese pop artist Yoshitomo Nara has helped put the design touches to the cafe.  Being a fan of his work which I think is ‘quirky cute’, I was curious to check this cafe out.


It was kinda challenging to find this place but having read that the cafe is situated at the end of a small side street on the fifth floor of an unassuming building.  I kept my eyes peeled open for any signs.  Small cafes in Tokyo very often do not have flashy signboards but they might have a small billboard near their premises so do keep your eyes wide opened for these tell-tale signs. 🙂

Stepping into the cafe, I was thrilled to find that I missed most of the lunch-crowd.  Didn’t have to wait too long to get seated by the counter.  While waiting, I simply took my time to browse through Yoshimoto’s work that has been specially handpicked by the artist himself to be placed in the cafe.



Cute book of postcards by the artist himself.

IMG_7065The cafe offers a good mix of Japanese and western food which all looked very good.  Originally, I wanted to order a Pork don but was told that I could only have the daily lunch set.  Well, that’s fine by me as well.  The pictures of the set lunch did look pretty decent.


IMG_7068Snapped more pics as I sat around and waited for my food.

IMG_7069This was the lunch set that I’ve been given.  For 1000 yen, I must say that it was pretty worth it.  There’s sashimi, a small serving of pickled vegetables, chicken, tofu, soup and rice.  Now that’s a full meal that kept my tummy happy.

IMG_7070As I chomped merrily on my meal, I was kept pretty entertained with Yoshitomo’s artwork.   In the middle of the cafe, one will find a hut that’s supposed to be Yoshitomo’s atelier.  I would have loved to stepped into the room and spend time going through his stuff but I think this room is off-limits to the guests.  Nevertheless, it’ was nice to peer in and take a look at the many paintings, drawings, artifacts that the artist had artfully placed around the small hut.



IMG_7074Loving this little corner of the cafe too.  If I were seated here, I probably would order a coffee, get lost and relish in the ‘me’ time as I watch the world slowly go by.

A to Z cafe
Address: 5F, 5-8-3, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JapanTelephone: +81 03-5464-0281

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