So what’s the verdict on the Infinity Kosé range?

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IMG_6842So it has been slightly over a month since I started using the Infinity Kosé range and I found the new skincare regime a little liberating but also a little tough.  Liberating?  Mainly because I need not pile on all sorts of serums/ creams/ lotions on to my face.  ToughN?  I’m not sure if just keeping to the basics is sufficient for my ageing skin.  Maybe it’s true what they say, you do need all the various serums/ ‘magic’ creams to keep the skin looking soft and supple.

How has the products been working for me?  Do I see a glow?  Is my skin all bright and radiant?  Well, yes to the latter but the glow, perhaps not yet.  Overall, I do see a difference in my skin having used the products religiously both day and night.  My skin feels softer and ‘bouncy’ to touch.

SONY DSCInfinity Kosé Realizing White Lotion XX

What I love about this:
— The mild, floral scent that’s soothing to the mind
— The lightweight whitening lotion that’s quickly absorbed into the skin
— How soft my skin feels after use

Infinity Kosé Realizing White Serum XX

What I love about this:
— The sweet hint of elderflower extract infused into the lotion
— The fluid texture of the whitening emulsion and how quickly it’s absorbed into my skin
— I can use this whitening emulsion for both the day and night (super loving this as it’s hard trying to find a skincare product these days that you can use for both the day and night!)


Infinity Kosé Deep Protection UV

This has gotta be my fave product of the lot and what do I love about this product?
— It’s high SPF/ PA protection (SPF50+/PA+++)
— How easily it spreads over the skin and how quickly it’s absorbed into the skin
— Works as an excellent base before foundation/make-up

Here are some shots that I used to document the journey.  Not the best type but the best I could do. ;p  Pictures were taken before use, 2 weeks after use and lastly 1 month after using the products.  No additional touch-up nor editing was done to the pictures (PS: I have absolutely no clue how to use Photo-Shop). Minus the dark circles/ blemishes, I love how soft and firm my skin looks in the pics after using the Infinity Kosé Realizing White Lotion XX and Serum. 🙂


Thanks again Kosé Singapore and for selecting me as one of the 8 beauty bloggers to be involved in this challenge.  It had been a fun ride and looks like I will continue to use these products now in my daily beauty regime.

Head on to Kosé Singapore Facebook Page to find out more about their range of products and beauty tips.

Enjoy an exclusive 10% introductory discount on these items (promotion ends in April 2013):

a. Infinity Kosé Realizing White Lotion XX (160ml) at S$99 (Retail price S$110)
b. Infinity Kosé Realizing White Serum XX (120ml) at S$99 (Retail price S$110)
c. Infinity Kosé Deep Protection UV (30ml) at S$49 (Retail price S$54)


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received 3 full-sized products from Kosé Singapore. No monetary rewards were given. All views expressed are purely of my own.

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