Tokyo eats: Harbs

One of my fave cafes to head to after school with my class-mates or to spend some time on my own when we were living in Tokyo is Harbs.


With a philosophy that goes ‘Cakes that can fill your heart with happiness’, what’s not to like?  Lunch sets here are pretty affordable, for about 1,500 yen (or so), you’ll get a sandwich, coffee/tea and a half-slice of a cake.  Sounds like a good deal right?

IMG_7155Didn’t mattered that we just polished off a bowl of noodles at Ichiran Ramen before this, I was going to make me some room for dessert since I was there and I kinda forced the Man to do so as well.   And our cake of choice?  One of their most popular items, Mille Crepes – seasonal fruits generously packed between six layers of crepes.

IMG_7161Worth every bite I must say… now it’s time to hit the gym.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo eats: Harbs

  1. dairycream says:

    a friend of mine has been recommending HARBS to me and I am still thinking if I should try it. Looking at your pictures, I guess I should make a trip there one day! the size of the cakes look really huge but that’s perhaps justified by it’s price i guess.

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