Visit Japan

Japan will forever hold a special place in our hearts. It’s the place where the Man and I dated long distance after he proposed to me, packed his suitcases and left our tiny island to the land of the Rising Sun to start a new job. It was there where we lived for about a year straight after we got married. It was somewhat the land of many firsts for me in my life – where I learned a new language, learned to do housework properly, cooked a proper meal and of course, learned that I could be independent.

The day we received news that we had to relocate back to Singapore, I actually felt a sense of sadness. I didn’t want to leave this country that I had somewhat grew extremely fond of in a short span of time. So, we made a point to try and visit Japan at least once a year if we could.

Sadly, after the tsunami, we didn’t really get a chance to for we moved to Geneva. I missed Japan to bits – the food, the culture, the nature and the bustling city. When the pals decided that Hakuba was the place to head to for our annual winter hols, I was thrilled. The snowboarding trip was long and the stay in Tokyo was rather short. I left the city craving for another trip and guess what? My wish came true!

The Man is heading to Tokes for some business and I’m tagging along this long weekend! Woo hoo!!! And you know what’s the best part?


Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) are in full bloom!! The last I saw this pretty flowers was in 2007 and I can’t wait to see this marvelous sight! Keeping my fingers crossed that it will still be blossoming when I head there.

IMG_7014And vain me even got a set of Sakura nails to go for the floral viewing. Hehe… Friends said this set was rather unlike me and I have to agree for given a choice, I would go with shocking pink nails with skulls and cross.

Until then, will catch you again next week. Enjoy the long weekend break!


2 thoughts on “Visit Japan

  1. Pebz says:

    Enjoy yourself heaps in Tokyo! I agree the nails are rather, unlike you.. but its always nice to try something different. Do take some pics so we can all indulge…

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