Power up with Infinity Kosé

[Sponsored Review]IMG_6840Today, I’m gonna share with you more about the Infinity Kosé range and the products that I’ve been given which I’ve been using for the past 2 weeks.

My skincare regime has been reduced rather significantly after I started using the Infinity Kosé Realizing White Lotion XX  and the Infinity Kosé Realizing White Serum XX.  It’s actually kinda liberating because all I need to do now is to cleanse, tone and then slather on the moisturiser plus the eye-cream.  It’s like going back into time when I first started skincare,  just 3 basic steps.  Of course, that had changed when I approached my mid-20s, 30s and now er-hem, mid-30s.  From a 3-step skincare regime, it has gone on to a 5 or 7-step regime, in the hopes that piling more stuff on my face means I will get radiant skin.  ;p

All that has changed now that I’m on this beauty regime and here’s how I power up my skin with these whitening products from Kosé.

IMG_6830After cleansing my face, I will use the Infinity Kosé Realizing White Lotion XX and gently pat the lotion into my face.  Apart from Kojic acid which is compounded in all Infinity Kosé products which helps prevent melanin generation and blemishes, the Lotion XX has cassis extract as one of its key ingredients.

cassis[Photo credit: La Sante Au Naturel]

Cassis is a popular fruit grown in Europe since medieval times.  Besides eating it to ease eyestrain and improve one’s eyesight.  Cassis when used in cosmetics is expected to provide hydrating and emollient effects.  So in this product, the cassis extract helps to saturate the skin with hydration in order to create the perfect environment for thorough whitening effects to take place.

IMG_6831Step 2 of my regime would be to apply the Infinity Kosé Realizing White Serum XX.  Just 2 pumps of the lotion which I gently pat the whitening emulsion on to my skin.

elderflower2[Photo credit: theKitchn]

Elderflower extract is compounded in this product.  I love the scent and the light floral taste of elderflower, especially the liquer form which I enjoy drinking.  Hehe.  Never knew that it could be used in beauty products as well.  Containing flavonoid, tannin and saccharides, it is known to stimulate cells, inhibit inflammation and improve the texture of the skin.   The elderflower extract helps soften and add flexibility to the skin while vitalizing cells and facilitating turnover in order to accelerate the excretion of existing blemishes.

IMG_6837And the last step would be to finish off the Infinity Kosé Deep Protection UV sunscreen.  I’m a huge advocate of sunscreen!  So this would be an important step in my regime.   And what exotic ingredients do we have here?

Edelweiss_schief[Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Edelweiss extract to prevent oxidation and helps the skin to create translucency.

I squeeze about 10-cent coin size of sunscreen onto my hand and spread it evenly over my face and neck.  Using too little of sunscreen will result in not getting the full UV protection you need so don’t be stingy with the product.  🙂  The sunscreen feels light on skin and can be used as a makeup base.

There you have my almost back-to-basic skincare regime from the Infinity Kosé range.  So far, I really enjoyed the simple 3 step approach to skincare.  Did I mention that because of these floral and fruit-based ingredients that are infused in the different products, they end up smelling really good and helps to sooth the mind.  They do smell wonderful and piling them onto my face is somewhat calming and therapeutic.

That’s all I have for today.  I have one more final post that’s scheduled 2 weeks later where I will share with you what I think about the products having used them for 4 weeks now.  So stay tuned.  🙂

SONY DSCSamples up for grabs!

Wish to try out a sample-size version of the Infinity Kosé Deep Protection UV?  Now you can!

Kosé Singapore has launched a Facebook App on 15 March that allows all Facebook users to receive free miniatures of their products.  All you need to do is simply ‘Like’ the Kosé Singapore Facebook Page, register your details via the app, share the news with 10 friends and finally, select your favourite location to pick up the sample.

There are a total of 1,000 Infinity Kosé Deep Protection UV to be given away, so get your hands on one today!


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received 3 full-sized products from Kosé Singapore. No monetary rewards were given. All views expressed are purely of my own.

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