Weekend wanderings over at Pekoe & Imp

Some say that ‘Weekends are meant for sleeping in.’  Well, not for the Man and I, if we can help it.  We are usually up and about early. On a rare Saturday morning that doesn’t involve me fighting for his attention with golf, we made time for an early morning work-out before hitting town for a tea-tasting session over at Pekoe & Imp.


Pekoe and Imp operates on a pop-up concept (ie: you’ll never know where they might just turn up).  Specialising in tea-brewing sessions and wanting to spread the word on how tea can be well-appreciated in its purest forms, patrons are treated to a tea-tasting series specially curated by Hongyuan (who co-owns Smitten) and Jaq (a special friend whom I had the privilege of knowing in the past 2 years).

IMG_6776After a short introduction on the 7 different teas that we would be having during our tasting session (starting from the light green/white/yellow teas before moving on to the heavier teas such as Oolong and Pu’er), Jaq wasted no time in making the first brew for the day.  I love the attention to the details, from ensuring that the water is boiled at the exact temperature before immersing the teas to Hongyuan taking time to explain to us how the tea-leaves are grown, gathered and the origins of the leaves. I felt like I had learned something new and walked away feeling a little more confident about how teas should look (myth busted: Chinese teas should all look brown in colour) and taste (myth busted: Chinese teas are all bitter).

Pekoe & Imp will be operating for just 3 more days at Atomi from 20 March to 22 March, so if you are interested to find out more, please do make an appointment with them via email : pekoeandimp@gmail.com and secure your slots.  They are real friendly so if you can’t find anyone to go with, do it alone.  I almost did but the Man was free.  Hehe.  Tasting sessions are S$25 a head.

Be sure to also follow Pekoe & Imp on Facebook or  Twitter to find out where they will pop up next.   🙂


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