to INFINITY & beyond.. thanks to Kosé Singapore!

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I’m thrilled to bits today to share with you the new whitening products that I’ve received from the Infinity Kosé range, thanks to the folks from Kosé Singapore.

And how did this opportunity come about?  Turned out that they were looking for 8 female bloggers to review their latest whitening series.  Some of my primary concerns as I age are having dull, blemished and sagging skin, and I’ve tried many products out there to brighten my skin as signs of ageing start to show.  So I decided to try my luck and lucky me, I was one of the 8 female bloggers picked by and Kosé Singapore to be amongst the first in Singapore to try these out.

I’ve never really used Kosé products.  When I used to live in Tokyo, I recalled briefly using the Sekkisei Lotion Excellent and the Seikisho Mask White which I really thought was effective for clogged pores.  My girlfriend still swears by this product to this very day.  So I was pretty excited to be given this opportunity to try out their Infinity Kosé series that’s targeted for women in the mid-30s and beyond or women who are noticing sagging, wrinkles or lack of firmness in their skin.  BTW, I happen to belong in these 2 categories.  ;p

infinity kose[Image credit: Kosé]

[Infinity = Infinite Beauty]

This highly functional range from Kosé promises to give one a sure feeling of effectiveness with instant improvement of skin colour, texture and elasticity.  One’s beauty is said to be renewed every day.  Wow!


Kosé has boosted the series with these 3 new anti-aging products added alongside their popular Infinity Kosé series this March:
a. Infinity Kosé Realizing White Lotion XX (160ml): S$110
b. Infinity Kosé Realizing White Serum XX (120ml): S$110
c. Infinity Kosé Deep Protection UV (30ml): S$54

Revealing the ingredient used to erase spots deep down: Kojic acid

The star ingredient of the INFINITY XX series, Kojic acid, is the smallest whitening agent that penetrates deep into skin to crush spot-creating melanin. It was discovered as a whitening ingredient years ago because Japanese sake brewery workers were found to have smooth, fair and flawless hands thanks to the fermentation of koji. [Source: Kosé Singapore]

The powerful properties of Kojic acid:

  • Kojic acid inhibits melanin production and eradicates blemishes;
  • Helps prevent dark spots and freckles caused by the sun;
  • Anti-aging and hydrating ingredients combine to create firm, elastic and translucent skin.

In addition to the popular whitening serum Infinity Kosé Realizing White XX [a whitening serum launched in 2011 ], the all-new Lotion XX and Serum XX is compounded with the active whitening agent, Kojic acid, generated from the power of fermentation.  It’s said that one is able to enjoy its immense whitening power as the Kojic acid is able to penetrate deep into the skin, stamping out stubborn blemishes from the root to create beautifully clear and resilient skin.


Now, let’s take a look at the products that I’ve been given to try.


Achieve instant clear whiteness with Realizing White Lotion XX:

Infinity Kosé Realizing White Lotion XX is a Kojic acid whitening lotion that helps deliver whitening ingredients to all corners of the skin and saturates it with moisture, giving skin a translucent glow thereafter.


Bringing about radiant brightness and resilience with Realizing White Serum XX:

Infinity Kosé Realizing White Serum XX is a whitening emulsion that delivers Kojic Acid to the skin, locks the whitening ingredients within the skin for effective brightening action.

Product features:

  • A whitening lotion and emulsion that effectively cares for various types of blemishes, creating bright skin that is clear from deep within.
  • Even on skin that’s hardened by UV rays or dryness, the highly compatible base softens the skin and penetrates from deep within, effectively targeting the melanocytes
  • Inhibits melanin generation, preventing blemishes and freckles caused by sunburn.
  • Strong whitening effects added with anti-aging care effects.
  • Creates elastic skin with firmness shine and translucency.


And for those who have been following my blog for a while now, you must know that I’m a huge advocate of using sunscreen!  I couldn’t be happier to share more about this amazing Deep Protection UV product that Kosé Singapore has added into the products given.

Thorough UV care to maintain a youthful look with Deep Protection UV:

The damage caused by UV rays does not stop at blemishes and freckles.  Photoaging symptoms such as wrinkles and sagging are in fact largely caused by UV rays as well.  The Infinity Kosé Deep Protection UV thoroughly guards mature skin from UVA and UVB, the culprits of photoaging, with the highest SPF/PA levels made available for the first time in Japan.  The revolutionary emulsion-like formula protects the skin’s translucency, firmness and resilience.

Product features:

  • Powerfully protects the skin from UVA rays (which burn the skin and gradually reduce its resilience) and UVB rays (which cause redness/inflammation), both of which are primary causes of photoaging
  • With the highest SPF/ PA protection available from Japan (SPF50+/PA+++)
  • Spreads smoothly over the face and hydrates, fitting closely over the skin creating a strong, even film


Can it be true?

Now my dreams of having radiant skin might just come true, thanks to these new products sponsored by Kosé Singapore.  I’ve already started using them and will be reviewing the products within the next 2 weeks.  So do keep a lookout for that.  🙂

Like it then try it!

Wish to try out a sample-size version of the Infinity Kosé Deep Protection UV?  Now you can!

Kosé Singapore will be launching a Facebook App on 15 March that allows all Facebook users to receive free miniatures of their products.  All you need to do is simply ‘Like’ the Kosé Singapore Facebook Page, register your details via the app, share the news with 10 friends and finally, select your favourite location to pick up the sample.

There are a total of 1,000 Infinity Kosé Deep Protection UV to be given away, so get your hands on one today!

Can’t wait?  Then buy it!

Or if you are just as impatient like me, then you don’t really want to miss out this promotion that Kosé Singapore is having as part of their launch of new Infinity Kosé products.

Enjoy an exclusive 10% introductory discount on these items:
a. Infinity Kosé Realizing White Lotion XX (160ml) at S$99 (Retail price S$110)
b. Infinity Kosé Realizing White Serum XX (120ml) at S$99 (Retail price S$110)
c. Infinity Kosé Deep Protection UV (30ml) at S$49 (Retail price S$54)

You can also purchase the award-winning Infinity Kosé Realizing White XX at S$148 and stand to enjoy a 15% discount off any 2 of the new products from the Infinity Kosé range.

So much going on over at Kosé Singapore, don’t miss out on the action!  🙂


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received 3 full-sized products from Kosé Singapore. No monetary rewards were given. All views expressed are purely of my own.

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