Checking out:: uma uma!

Located at Level 1 of Forum Shopping Mall is uma uma! which opened to great fanfare in Singapore at least 6 months back.  Well, at least among the Man’s circle of friends.   One of them (an expat Japanese) recommended it to us giving it his two thumbs up over Ippudo.  Curiosity got the better of us and we decided  to go check it out one Sunday evening.  When we arrived at the restaurant at 7pm, we were surprised that they were closed for the day with a notice – ‘Sold out since 12pm, come back tomorrow please.’ stuck on its door.

Whoa!  This must seriously be some really good ramen for it to be closed that early.  So last Sunday morning, instead of heading for the usual breakfast brunch, we decided to head to uma uma! to see if the bowls of ramen would match up to our expectations.

IMG_5323The menu selection is pretty small but that’s how most specialty Ramen places in Japan operate on.  Being a huge lover of all things spice, I wanted to go for the Spicy Chasiu Ramen but as I was having a 3 mini ulcers in one ulcer, decided not to be too adventurous with my food choices.  So I went with the uma uma ramen.

IMG_5324Verdict?  Ramen noodles were done nicely.  Texture was smooth and the noodles seemed a little thinner than the usual ramen noodles outside.  The broth was made from a rich tonkatusu stock which turned out to be really flavourful and not overly oily.  The meaty pork slices that were given turned out to be tender with not too much fatty bits.  Overall, it was good!  And honestly, for ramen in Singapore, I much preferred this over Ippudo now.

IMG_5325But nothing beats Ichiran Ramen in Japan.  For me, that’s the best ramen hands-down!  Nonetheless, it’s good to know that there’s a decent ramen place we can go to in Singers.

What’s your best ramen place to go to here in Singapore?  Do share.  Would love to go check out other places.


7 thoughts on “Checking out:: uma uma!

  1. Zhing says:

    I’m with you on ichiran ramen!! can’t wait for someone to bring that into Singapore!!! but didn’t find uma uma that amazing which is kinda disappointing cos it’s so near to home! 😉

    ps we like miharu ramen (spelling?) at gallery hotel but haven’t been back since we’ve returned! 😉

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