Still obsessed..

over nails!

My nails grow out pretty fast and coupled with my obsession of wanting to change my nail colour or design every other week, 3 weeks is about the time-frame I get really bored and itching to change to a new design.  With Chinese New Year just round the corner and everything just about rising as the festive period inches closer, I decided to book my nail appointment ahead of time to avoid the mad rush and crowds.

So, presenting my new set of nails for the next 3 weeks! 🙂

IMG_5838At first, I wasn’t too sure what design to go with but I knew what I didn’t want.  I wanted something with stars, with bows, with leopard prints, with sparkle, with polka-dots.  What I didn’t want?  In your face red nails that probably everyone else will be wearing.  If I had a choice, I probably would go with glitter black polish.  But I know my mom would scream her head off.  So I opted for something subtle – a nude polish with all the things that I liked.  Managed to even put in a little black bow on one of the nails.  🙂

IMG_5839Wanted to go for a normal pedi at my usual nails place but was afraid that it would chip as I wear covered shoes most of the week, so went with a gelish pedi for once.  Loving the design that I saw on an Instagram feed and adapted it a little using gold glitter instead of silver.  What do you think?  Pretty festive in a different kind of way yeah?

While I was doing my nails, I also browsed through some of the magazines that Belle had on-hand for inspiration for my next appointment.  There were simply too many designs that I liked and instead of second-guessing which magazine it came from, I decided the smarter way was to snap a picture of the design for keeps.  A couple of these caught my eye and I hope I will be able to use some of them the next time.

IMG_5842Really loving this set of grunge nails, it practically has everything I liked!  Skulls and bows!  Win!!

IMG_5844Next, some of these designs are pretty cool as well.  Definitely could use some of these ideas and play around with the styles.


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