Stay home Saturday cook-out: Roast Beef

I was really craving for a good cut of beef and instead of heading out to settle that craving at a restaurant.  We decided to up the ante and do the cooking back at home.  Well, just blame it on the weatherman for making our decision all that easier for it was pouring the entire day last weekend.

It was no elaborate affair but all the dishes that we whipped up were hearty and some were kinda healthy.

SONY DSCInstead of a starter, I decided to recreate this Curried Carrot Soup.  Was itching to play with my kitchen gadget that we had brought back from Geneva.  It had somewhat become a white elephant since our return.  So, I wiped off the dust and made a blended soup with the kitchen device.  The soup was a crowd-pleaser and the helper learned the recipe so hopefully she can recreate this on her own.


Next up, the highlight of our dinner!  This mean roast beef that the Man has perfected!  The cut?  A gorgeous one that we got at Swiss Butchery, marinated wonderfully by the guys from the store.  All the Man did was to add rosemary, carrots and garlic to the mix and viola… a wonderful dinner awaits!

IMG_5631Now, isn’t that a gorgeous colour for a perfect roast?  After taking it out from the oven, the Man covered the roast beef in foil and allowed it to rest for about 10 to 15 minutes.  We realised that even though we were hungry and had wanted to dig our steak knives straight into the cut.  Resting the beef allowed the juices to be locked into the beef allowing the flavour to be juicier.  Us all silent during the mains was a testament of how good the roast beef was. ‘Nuff said.

SONY DSCAs for the sides, I had a box of Gratin sauce gifted by a dear friend from Geneva.  So, I made a potato gratin topped with Tetsuya’s Truffle Sauce.  It was totally yums!  Gonna ask the pal to bring me more of the sauce so I don’t have to make it from scratch.  Hehe..


Lastly for dessert.  Was a little tired of making Molten Chocolate Cakes so for a change, decided to make a mini Apple Tart using this recipe.  Got a ready-to-roll puff pastry from the store but think I added too much flour to the pastry while kneading it, resulting in a slightly hard crust but the apples were beautifully done.  Topped with a scoop of salted caramel ice-cream from Marks & Spencer, this marked the end of our home-cooked meal.

IMG_5632The entire family had a wonderful time at dinner and this guy wished he could get in on a piece of the action.. but no, he didn’t!


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