New year resolutions?

Does anyone still make these?  I haven’t but since I’ve been putting on way too much weight and feeling sluggish plus not fab at all.  Part of my resolutions (or KPI as the Man calls his) is to try to lose some weight.  Even though I’m not a fitness freak but I’ve been trying my best to keep to an exercise regime which I thought I am doing pretty ok.  Looks like it ain’t enough.  So between now to Chinese New Year, I will just have to look into my diet.  😦

But this little setback ain’t stopping me from cam-whoring.  Hehe.. I guess I  just gotta hide some of the flab bits.  :p  Here’s what I wore to work this week.


IMG_5640Loving my blinged up camo blouse/light jacket that I got from the Zara sale.  I first laid my eyes on this style way back in September during our Italy trip.  Mulled over whether I should even purchase it.  Decided that I wanted to be a good gal, so I put the top back on the racks.  Turned out I regretted not buying it.  So when I found this on the racks and best part – marked down, I decided to bite the bullet and just get it.  Wasn’t sure if I pulled off the look but colleague thought I was going to go to war in this outfit.  ;p

So let’s see if I’m able to keep to my resolutions.  I just need to lose some weight before CNY.. not asking for loads.. just some.  ;(


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