Checking out: Choco cro at St. Marc’s Cafe

I was over the moon when I read this post from Book Junkie plus this post from the boke effect and found out that one of my fave cafe places in Japan has finally opened its doors in Singapore.  🙂  If memory does not fail me, I was first introduced to this place by Fashionista Cat and there is no turning back thereafter.  Every time that we head back to Tokyo for a visit, I would find a way to head back to St. Marc’s Cafe (either at Harajuku or Shinjuku) for a tea-time snack where a chocolate croissant will somehow find its way into my tummy.

IMG_5464What’s the must-have here?  Why the chocolate croissants of course!  They are best enjoyed freshly baked.

IMG_5465It was sheer happiness when I bit into the warm chocolate croissant with melted chocolate oozing out.  Fond memories of our stay in Japan flashed back.  Seriously, can food do this to you?

IMG_5463I had mine with a hot matcha latte and my tea-time snack was settled.  The Man had one of these babies and another egg/bacon sandwich along with his chilled Yuzu tea.  The chilled tea was a little too sweet for our liking but the sandwich was pretty decent.  It does appear that the offerings at the St. Marc’s Cafe opened in Singapore is more than what I saw in Japan.  It could be that I wasn’t paying attention to the other parts of the menu but I was impressed with the variety of ice-creams and waffles available here.  Good to know if I ever get sick of those chocolate croissants, maybe I will be game enough to try something new.

Go get your choco cro fix at St. Marc’s Cafe.  You won’t regret this piece of advice! 🙂

Saint Marc Cafe
Address: 1 Harbourfront Ave, Vivo City 1F #108-110, Singapore 098585
Opening hours: 10 am – 10pm

6 thoughts on “Checking out: Choco cro at St. Marc’s Cafe

  1. Shirley says:

    I went there recently too! love the place, GF and I stuffed ourselves with bread, Little Fuji-san, yuzu tea. I also found the tea too sweet and had to ask for water refill twice. the bread were lovely, especially the custard bun! Fuji san was yummy too!

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