A different kinda card

My mom.  She’s the sweetest.  She buys cards for all of us for different occasions – birthdays, Christmas and for those important moments in our lives.  She doesn’t say much but she really makes the effort to pick out the right card that describes what she wants to convey to us.

So those cards?  I have them since I turned one and to this day, she’s still buying the cards.  In between moving countries and homes, I hope I didn’t lose any but they are all stashed in a box, all piled up.

We kinda got lazy over the last couple of years for my sisters and I have decided not to get cards for one another during Christmas.  But Mom, she would still get one for each of us and I can’t help but do the same for them.  Something small but something she would really treasure.

So last Christmas, I got my bf@w to specially design a Christmas card for the parentals.  I was really pleased with the card and the amount of effort that she had put into this.  Kinda made me feel bad for I should be the one making the card for the parents.  I placed the card in a work folder and kept reminding myself to bring it home before Christmas to stick it on the presents.  But I forgot!  (face palms to self!!!)

So instead of making a trip back to the office to get the card, I sheepishly told my parents that I owe them a card which I got made specially for them.

IMG_4081Before going to Phuket, I wrote the message, popped the card in the envelope marked Fragile/ Handle with Care, wishing and hoping that the card eventually reach my parents before the New Year.  But silly me, stuck too little stamps on the envelope and now this beautiful card is stuck in the post office.  What meant to be a surprise ended up in my mom confused as to why anyone would send her a letter that required her to go to the post office to pay for the remaining postage.  (another face palm moment!!!!)

So there, no surprises… Mummy… I know you are reading this, so please remember to go to the post office to collect this super belated Christmas card.  Hope you like it.

And to my bf@w… oops…I feel I’ve let you down for not giving this to my parents on Christmas Day!  😦  But nevertheless, I’m sure they will love the card!  Will do better next time.

If you would like one of these cards customised specially for an occasion, be sure to speak to my bf@w.  Mail her at thewishcraft@gmail.com  You won’t be disappointed! 🙂



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