My 2012 in review


Just like that 2012, you are coming to an end and what do I make of you this year?

I often describe life as a roller-coaster ride in Space Mountain. There are ups and downs. You take the good as it comes along with the bad. You don’t know what each turn may bring as the ride happens inside a dark tunnel. But you either scream to chase away those fears or squeal in delight when it’s just a bump that doesn’t send your heart plummeting.

That’s what 2012 has been for me. The highlights? The travels we’ve done in Europe before packing our bags and moving back to Singers. Despite me saying that I don’t really enjoy living in Geneva, it has been kind. We made some really good friends and it was the perfect springboard to most of our winter snowboarding trips.

The Man and I finally got to spend more time with my fur-kid and my loved ones. We welcomed a new nephew to the family and we saw many of our dear friends add a new life to theirs. My youngest sis is back for good and embarked on her career. While I initially experienced difficulty in going back to the workforce but eventually went back to The Company. Phew! On retrospect, the couple of months that I took looking for a suitable job saw me embarking on a daily exercise regime and taking up a hobby which I always wanted to do – floral arrangement.

The low-lights for the year? There are some but the one that tops it all is tumbling down the stairs. I now gotta pay extra attention when climbing up or down the stairs. Thankfully the episode left me with some superficial scars and not anything more.

So 2012. You have been good to me really on this roller-coaster ride and I hope that 2013 will be kind to me as I buckle my seat-belt in anticipation for the ride when the clock strikes 12 tonight.

To all who has been following my adventures or misadventures on this little blog of mine in 2012, a BIG THANK YOU to you! I hope 2012 has treated you well and I would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a Happy 2013!


10 thoughts on “My 2012 in review

  1. zhing says:

    what a year it has been! πŸ™‚ i love your rollercoaster analogy!! happy new year love!!

    p.s. bingbingbongbong movies are the loud action movies with explosions and tonnes of burning buildings! hahah the kinda daniel LOVES…

    • Lady J says:

      And a blessed new year to you sweets! πŸ™‚ Looks like 2012 has treated u well and I hope that 2013 bring you and your loved ones immense happiness and joy.

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