Checking out: Lolla

An impromptu dinner-date with Fashionista Cat.  Meeting her two weeks in a row is kinda out of the ordinary given her crazy work schedule.  But I guess as the year is coming to an end, so she’s also giving herself a little break.

The galfriend is always game to try out a new place and Lolla has been on my radar for the past 2 months but the long queues were obviously a deterrent. So I insisted we meet early.  Somehow heading to these places at 6.30pm meant that we could secure those seats without having to queue. I’m kinda an early bird these days.  Can’t seem to keep my eyes open after 10pm.  Must be the age!


The decor in the place was pretty simple yet done tastefully.  We didn’t manage to get the seat by the open kitchen which was fine by me.  Don’t think I could survive the evening sitting on those tiny high-chairs.  Another one of my fears is to fall off those darn high-chairs.  That would be pretty embarrassing.IMG_4861IMG_4872Oh-kay, now on to the highlights at Lolla.  Honestly, the star dish for me that evening was definitely the uni pudding!  It was simply mind-blowing!  The uni melts in your mouth along with the squid ink and egg yolk custard pudding.  We shared but I really enjoyed it so much that I secretly wished I ordered one of my own.IMG_4880Lolla’s concept of dining functions like a tapas bar.  Therefore, portions rarely run huge.  If you are hungry, then this isn’t really the place for you unless you are willing to pay what you would normally pay for dinner in a nice restaurant.  We had a total of 5 dishes to share (including dessert) but didn’t feel that full.

Address: 22 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore
Telephone: +65 6423 1228

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