26 December


As kids, Mummy would insist that we wait and unwrap our gifts for Christmas on 26 December.  It was quite the torture then.  Having to look at all these gifts with our names on it and not able to rip the wrapping paper apart.  But, we had no choice but to wait an extra day.

Of course, that’s all changed now.  We don’t live under the same roof anymore so after Christmas mass and lunch, we usually head back to my parents’ place to unwrap the pressies.  We’d take turns – usually my parents would unwrap their presents first and then us kiddos (in order of hierarchy).  This year, my impish nephew jumped queue and became the first one to rip his presents.  We figured it’s for the best for he couldn’t possibly wait till his turn.

IMG_5012Mummy loves to play a game with us sisters.  On top of a gift that she and my dad would buy, she would prepare an extra gift for us 3.   These gifts will be unmarked and we had to pick which box we’d like.  What usually lies in the mystery box?  We don’t really know till we unwrapped the layers of wrapping only to find out that we each got the same gift.  2 years ago, my parentals got us the latest iPhone 4.  This year, I can’t believe that my parents got us each the latest gadget!  Totally wasn’t expecting this at all so thank you Mummy and Papa for this extremely sweet and thoughtful gift!  Muacks!!!

And to my other 2 sisters reading this.. u gals know me well!  🙂  Loving those special presents you got for me and I can’t wait to use them!  Hugs!


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