So this is Christmas…

Nothing fancy.  Just a simple home-cooked meal spent with my loved ones – the Man and the fur-kid.  With no plans in place, we scrambled to put together a meal.  I had no time to go to get festive florals, so I did the best I could to decorate the table as Christmassy as I possibly could.


IMG_4940Don’t think I did too bad putting together the setting for our dinner.  Thank goodness for candles and tea-lights that I stocked up plus the Christmas napkins that Mom gave me, they certainly came in handy.  Phew!

IMG_4948Made a simple meal – Truffle Butter Roast Chicken, some Roast Veggies and these awesome Stuffed Mushrooms.  Thanks to Lavishley who shared the recipes!

IMG_4952The Man also threw in one of my fave white Burgundy wines while waiting for the bird to be roasted and we have a winner this Christmas!  🙂  I’m easy to please.  Hehe..

IMG_4956And the birdie does look pretty fine yeah?  It tasted really good too!  Truffle butter stuffed in between the skin of chicken make the skin really crispy.  I usually discard the skin but I didn’t for this.  The Man perfected roasting chicken as well for this bird came out just right.  Not too dry but the meat was moist, juicy and tender.  Yums! IMG_4958

And what do we have here?  Though he couldn’t part-take in the feasting, he did try to join in the fun.  The Christmas carols we played in the background must have put him to sleep.  I’m pretty certain he’s dreaming of fish and bones to the tunes of ‘Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!’  I’m so pleased that we are back in Singers this Christmas.  Despite missing rolling in the snow, nothing beats spending time with the fur-kid!

I hope that you are having a splendid time ushering Christmas! From our little family to yours, have yourself a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the new year! 🙂


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