With Christmas just round the corner (like literally), it does feel so much more harder to get the ‘engines’ going at work.  The feasting has indeed begun and it’s evident when you check out the pudginess of my face.  😦  I think I look pretty scary with these close-up shots!


IMG_4895Anyone’s got a quick fix for slimming? ;p

IMG_4896And the insane merry-making (cue code for drinking) has begun.  We’ve seen a casualty over the weekend and wonder if I will play victim to the loads of drinking this season.  Fingers crossed!


5 thoughts on “Merry-making..

  1. pL says:

    do all the bangles, bracelets and rings get in the way of your working at the computer? i can imagine them rubbing and clanging away *haiyoh*… plus when you have to wash your hands (and apply hand cream), don’t they get wet and in the way?

    • Lady J says:

      The rings are ok, I remove them when applying the hand cream. The bracelets and bangles? I remove them while working and only put them back on during lunch hours and after work.

  2. Don says:

    Hi, may i ask where you bought the green dress? Think I’ll have to try wearing a dress more often instead of always in tops and pants. But can’t really find any dress I like until I saw your green dress.

    Just want to slim face or also body? Slim face I don’t know but to slim body – do pilates, it works 🙂

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