Checking out: Keong Saik Snacks

Been raving about the cocktails at Catalunya to Fashionista Cat and had planned to head there on a Wednesday evening.  When we finally did one wet Wednesday evening, we were turned away as the place had been booked for a corporate event.  Darn!  FC was disappointed and so was I.  Scrambling to find another place to head to for drinks and dinner, I suggested Keong Saik Snacks.

IMG_4580It was a place I had wanted to go check out but again there is a no-reservations policy.  Heard the queues can get pretty scary but figured since it was pouring, we could take our chances and head on there early to secure a table.  And we did!  Got a table with no fuss at all.

Blending local and British cafe culture, and giving modern twists to great classic comfort foods from around the world, KEONG SAIK SNACKS is the new go-to social bistro that is part brainchild of Michelin Star Chef Jason Atherton with an unpretentious environment, and serving familiar yet new, clever food options.


The menu wasn’t too extensive but everything that was on the menu sounded oh-so-good.  FC and I glanced at the menu and spotted at least 4-5 items that we wanted to order.   Feeling greedy, we decided to first order 4 items that we really wanted to eat before deciding if there is room for dessert.

The garlic chilli fries served was good – not overly spicy but be warned, extremely addictive.  I enjoyed the DIY Tuna Tartare.  The sauces that went into mixing the tartare were very light and appetising.  Mixing the tuna up and spreading it on to the thin biscotti made for a fun dining experince.  My only gripe?  Wished that we have more of the bread to spread the tuna around.  2 slices simply was not enough.

Now on to our mains.  The Lobster Roll with Spiced Mayo and Iceberg Lettuce came highly recommended in most of the reviews that I read.  I haven’t had a good Lobster Roll in a long time so I thought this was pretty good.  On the other hand, FC thought the Lobster Roll served at Luke’s was TDF!  She didn’t particularly think this was anything special.

Feeling greedy, we went ahead to order the Iberico Ham and Manchego Cheese Toastie which felt like a sinful version of breakfast food topped with a tiny fried quail’s egg.  The Manchego Cheese was powerful and strong.  One couldn’t really go wrong with the combination except that it veered towards the salty side.

Feeling stuffed and with no more space for dessert, we called for the bill and headed down to The Library for another round of drinks after they dished out the secret password.

Keong Saik Snacks
Address: 49, Keong Saik Road
Telephone: +65 6221 8338 

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