Our first taste of..

Alba White Truffles!

IMG_4742We finally got our taste of the season’s white truffles at Jaan – our new fave place to dine in town.  Helps that the Man is now on good terms with the chef so we do appreciate the treatment that we get when we visit.  Chef Julien Royer has been rather discerning in accepting the ingredients that he receive and we were told that this season has not been ideal for truffles.  So we hung on and waited with bated breath for a batch of white truffles that he would be pleased with.  That day finally came for us and it was worth the wait! 🙂

The smoked organic egg served alongside crunchy hazelnut crisps, autumn mushrooms and topped with a generous serving of truffles was an amazing way to kick-start our delightful meal.   The Chestnut Voloute was extra fragrant thanks to the additional white truffle topping.  Sigh… anything with white truffles taste good!  We are biased but it’s just a season that we always look forward to every year.

IMG_4743When the server took away our plates for the main course signalling the end of our meal, we were actually sad for we were craving for additional white truffles.  I guess Chef Julien could actually sense our ‘sadness’ so much so that he decided to do this special cheese dish for us.  Melted Brie with a generous serving of.. you guessed it.. white truffles!  🙂  We left Jaan with me adding a couple more inches to my waistline but oh-so-happy.

Not sure if we will get another tasting of white truffles since the season has been harsh and offerings had been limited.  But I guess I am pretty satisfied for now.  🙂

Address: Level 70, Equinox Complex, Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore
Telephone: +65 9199 9008

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