letters from sparky:: seven


so how’s everyone doing?

the festive season is once again upon us.  the pawrents had to fulfill their volunteering duty so guess what?  they dragged me along and made sure i do my part.  there were many doggies there and boy were they game!  they dressed to the christmas theme.  me?  nah, you won’t catch me in any santa outfit or any strange outfit for that matter.  too warm!  i rather just walk around, strutting my stuff and my giant paws for the whole world to see.

so, since i wouldn’t put on anything festive.  they made the paw-rentals on wear santa caps to spread the christmas cheer to the elderly folk at IMH on our recent visit at therapy dogs of singapore.


i guess you can say we do make a smart-looking pair! 🙂  i got loads of pats on the head as usual but this volunteering thingy sure is hard.  after making my rounds to say hello to the folks, i wasn’t quite sure what i was supposed to do.  so i  did what i do best, lie around and wait for people to come up and pat my head.   think i don’t make a very good therapy dog afterall.  ;(


on a separate note, thought i just share that the pawrents put me on a holistic diet that consists mainly of steamed fish and sweet potatoes/pumpkin b’cos my skin allergies don’t seem to be improving.  but that diet is making me hungry all the time.  turned out my skin condition didn’t really improve either so the pawrents are putting me back on a dry food diet.  this time round, they are going to let me try out ‘fish for dogs’ since it came highly recommended from mommy’s pals.

mommy got a small pack for me recently at pet lovers centre and guess what?  the good guys at PLC are doing their bit for us furry friends this christmas.  check it out:

donation driveme thinks since everyone is in such a giving mood, why not pop into any of the pet lovers centre and help the stray and abandoned dogs and cats with this special gift.  🙂

till the next time you hear from me, have a wonderful christmas and happy new year!



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