Last Christmas

The Boy came into work last Friday feeling all sad and sorry after listening to this song.

Me being the ‘Mean Senior’ told him to snap out of his depression for I needed the team to be all cheery for a Christmas party that we were throwing later in the afternoon.  He sulked but mustered a smile for me.  Told him that I had my Last Christmas too where big fat tears fell down as I belted out the lyrics to Wham’s Last Christmas – kinda cheesy, I know.  But I also somewhat believe that somewhere in our lives, we all would have that special someone who comes to mind during the Christmas season.  But we all have to move on and create new Christmas memories thereafter.

So I told Boy to move on and pick another happier theme song that he could relate to this Christmas to erase all the pain that he had from Last Christmas.  ;p  Hope he heeds my advice.


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