The festivities start…

Wrapping the week with a couple of projects before hopefully winding down for the rest of the year.

IMG_4716Also taking the time to meet up with friends and indulge in the festive eating.  Waistline is so going to suffer as a result of this.  Sigh.. BUT, the important thing was that I finally have the time to meet up with the friends and catch up with what’s going on in their lives.  As a result, Christmas shopping has kinda taken a back-seat.. I’m so going to suffer!  YIKES!

IMG_4717So this week’s dress theme is ‘Ease’.  Most of the outfits that I’ve put on allows me to move around with ease.   No fuss at all.

IMG_4649I was looking forward to spending a quiet Friday evening at home but a friend asked if I was keen to go check out a party with her.  She was going more for work and all I had to do was to keep her company.  I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been out to a party, so dragged my old bag of bones down for this event.  Dress code for the party read: Couture Goth.  I jokingly asked friend do they think that it’s still Halloween to throw such a party?  She just rolled her eyes at me.  Hehe.

IMG_4704Well, I think I managed to pull together the look for the party.  Dressed up a simple studded skull tee with loads of accessories that could fit to the theme.  Threw on a black blazer and viola, I’m off for the party.  Didn’t really stay long though as the feet were killing me.  Have to admit, I’m getting too old to stand and boogie the whole night long.

IMG_4705Had another dinner-do with the Man the next night and since the blazer was lightly used, decided to just switch the tee and pile on the same accessories.  This ensemble worked as well for a smart night out about town too.  😉


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