Checkin’ out: Immigrants Gastrobar

Recently caught up with Pebz and exchanged girlie tales at Immigrants – The Singapore Gastrobar, a place that I had wanted to try for a couple of weeks now.  I’m glad I managed to convince her to try too.  Given the amount of chilli items we consumed that very evening, I wasn’t quite sure if the Man would be up for it.

IMG_4547And practically every dish that we ordered had chilli in it.  I think I might have suffered from chilli overdose and woke up with a slightly sore throat after taking in all that chilli.  But it was good fun to find another kaki to stuff our faces silly with food.

The cockles was a dish that I had been looking forward to have.  But when it was laid out in front of us?  First thoughts were.. “Darn, what’s going to happen to my nails?”  Nevertheless, we did tackle the cockles with great finesse.  The squid bombs looked innocent but when I popped one of them rings into my mouth I knew they were lethal.  Laced with chilli that was power-packed, I was thankful that I had beer to wash down the heat.

The Imp who had been here before recommended the sambal buah keluak fried rice which was really, really good.  After wolfing down the dishes, I was actually perspiring.  This hardly happens to me.  I can take chilli pretty well but to perspire while eating all these dishes when the place is actually air-conditioned and the weather outside was pouring?  Now, that’s a first!

IMMIGRANTS – The Singapore Gastrobar
Address: 467 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427678
Telephone: +65 8511 7322
Opening Hours: 5pm-12midnight Daily

4 thoughts on “Checkin’ out: Immigrants Gastrobar

  1. imp says:

    The squid. Do they call those squid bombs? Those are awesome! Big D makes the real sort of chilli and sambal I love. Mmmm. Kinda miss the spices a little. Luckily my Aunts have learnt how to make sambal, so there’s always a bottle in the fridge to go with…fish n chips. Heh.

    • Lady J says:

      Yeah… it’s called squid bombs on the menu. Hehe.. The chilli served was really smoking hot but I really enjoyed the spices! Ooh and I do recall how u eat your fish n chips with Lingham Chilli Sauce.. hehe

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