Checkin’ out: La Cantine

Been hearing pretty decent reviews on La Cantine.  That piqued my interest and I badgered the Man to bring me there.  He said he would, one day!

So last Friday, we were scratching our heads wondering what we would be doing given that most of our friends were out of town. We decided to go for a simple dinner before finally catching Breaking Dawn: Part Two.

The Man managed to score the reservations for an early sitting at La Cantine.  Wasn’t expecting it but it was a pleasant surprise.  🙂


Located at Asia Square, La Cantine is opened by celeb chef Bruno Ménard who used to helm defunct L’oiser in Tokyo.  We had visited L’oiser Tokyo in 2010 and the experience had been pretty amazing so I was kinda looking forward to this dinner in the hope that it would be good as well.  Also helped that I wouldn’t be busting my budget dining here at La Cantine for it’s supposed to be a little more affordable.


The starter of fresh tomato with zucchini chutney and topped with a mild yuzu kosho infused cream sorbet definitely won me over.   Light and hearty start to the meal which I truly enjoyed.  The escargots that the Man had was also really good as he didn’t have to tackle the snails and risk the shells flying over his head and over to the next table.  Oh, the horror should that happen!

Our server recommended the chicken dish and the beef steak for our mains.  The chicken though done perfectly (soft and tender) was good on the first couple of bites.  My tastebuds lost interest therafter as the sauce had too much vinegar in it.  I usually have no problems taking vinegar but the chicken felt like it was drowing in vinegar.  As for the Man’s beef dish.  Good but not memorable. 


Dessert-wise?  The Caramel Lava cake caught the Man’s attention.  We had it before at Sabio and were definitely pleased to know that it’s by the same people who created the dessert!

After stuffing our faces silly with the food, I decided to have me a machiato to keep myself awake for the movie.  Turned out, we were in the cinema for all of 2 minutes before we got called to pick up our dear friend who missed his snowboarding trip. 


La Cantine
Address: Asia Square Tower 1, #01-01, 8 Marina View, Singapore
Telephone: +65 6690-7567

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