Checking out: baker & cook

After months of silence, the pal decided to wake up from her sleep and organise a get-together.  Fine by me, I just need to turn up.  The group chat on What’s app saw many messages going back and forth about the day to meet and the location.  The date was supposed to be on a Friday evening after work which the pal wanted to change to drinks at 9pm.  zzzz.. Honestly, I would have fallen asleep by the time we eventually met up.  Not the kinda Friday I want to be spending.  I rather head home after a simple dinner.  So we cancelled the date in view of a kinder time to suit me and the ex-boss’s timing.

The pal was sorely disappointed that we didn’t try to adhere to her timing so she sent out another text message asking if we were free on Sunday.  Turned out that the Man was away for a trip and the ex-boss’s other half was out-of-town as well, so Sunday afternoon worked out fine for us.  I wasn’t too hopeful that the said pal would turn up on time.  I mean 9 out of 10 times that we’ve arranged to meet, she’s been late.  But thankfully, the ex-boss’s company was the reason why I would go on this date.

We decided to check out Baker and Cook – a second outlet which was recently opened along Martin Road.  The first outlet at Hillcrest Road received rave reviews and I’ve been wanting to check the place out.  But knowing my paltry driving abilities, I would definitely get lost, so the second outlet along Martin Road was a better choice for our meet-up.

I’m not quite sure whether it was the rave reviews/ pics on Instagram stating how wonderful the food was at baker & cook but I was sorely disappointed.  The lemon tart that we ordered didn’t taste half as good as the others I’ve had.  My advice is to stay away from the pastries for they tasted bad when served cold.  I guess the very least the staff could have done was to ask if we wanted our pastries to be warmed up.  The coffee wasn’t all that great.  So the saving grace here?  The beef pie served with a side of rocket/tomato/feta cheese was the best we had for that afternoon.

Other than that, I don’t think that I will be making my way back here anytime soon.  Have you been to baker & cook?  If yes, I hope that you had a better experience and I would love to hear what you think of the place.

8 thoughts on “Checking out: baker & cook

  1. M says:

    Haha I liked this post a lot. Have a friend just like your pal ;).

    On the food, only been to the one in Greenwood but agree the lemon tart wasn’t as great as I expected. And small too! But in this case, it is ok since I will rather not waste calories on this. 🙂 the quiche was excellent though.

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