All mixed up

One more week before the madness begins.  Totally uninspired for the week and making a conscious effort to repeat my outfits. I admit, the MBMJ dress was an impulse buy.  When it arrived, it didn’t fit.  Had to bring it to the tailor and the amount spent on alteration could have been saved if I had only tried on the dress before buying it.  That said, since I’ve already purchased and altered it, decided to make the best out of it.  First time I put it on, it felt all wrong.  So, instead of chucking it in the wardrobe, decided to pull it out again and put on a belt to give the dress a little more structure.  Thought it didn’t look all too bad.

And on Tuesdays, had a couple of external meetings, so decided to put on a fun printed flamingo blouse from Sandro – one of my fave brands when we were living in Geneva.

And the rest of the week basically just zipped by.  Dresses are one of my fave things to put on.  Fuss-free and I don’t have to worry if the top matches the bottom.  Hehe.


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