Checkin’ out: Foodbar Dada

We were gluttons over the weekend. After the massive amount of food offered at the hospitality booth over at the Singapore Open, friends went home to sleep off after the afternoon of drinking and feasting.  But not us!  We weren’t quite stuffed but yet we knew that if we were to head home, we probably would end up hungry.  So after dropping off a friend back at his home, we detoured and headed to Mohammed Sultan wanting to check out some of the places I’ve heard but never quite got a chance to try out yet.

We were rather early, about 7pm, so decided to hop into Foodbar Dada to try our luck in getting a seat.  Been hearing about this place – more misses than hits.  Yet, I was willing to still give it a try to determine for myself.

We made no reservations but luckily, we managed to snag a counter seat for 2 with the condition that we give up the seat at 8pm.  Fine by us.  The Man and I are rather fast eaters provided if the food service is quick.

Don’t expect a huge set-up.  The place was cosy and the ambiance was lively ‘cept for the food smells that may stay on the clothes and hair after you finish the meal.

Thankfully, we weren’t too hungry else we may end up ordering everything on the menu.  Although friends warned that the offerings were limted, I thought the choices available on the menu were rather decent.  We ordered about 6 small dishes to share along with 2 cocktails and it was just about right.

Of the lot, we really enjoyed the mini burgers with the strawberry sauce.  Size-wise, it was perfect for stuffing one bite into the mouth.  The tangy strawberry sauce gave the burger a nice bite to it as well.   The pan-fried squid with eggs came highly recommended by the one of their staff.  We decided to give it a  try but were not bowled over by its flavours.  The dish smelled a lot better than it looked.  The visual feast of cooking this dish was delightful but we were sorely disappointed with the taste, it was a little too salty for our taste-buds.

I actually kinda like this place but not sure whether we will make it back as there are just too many new places to go check out.

Foodbar Dada
Address: 60 Robertson Quay, The Quayside, #01-12, Singapore 238252
Telephone: +65 6735 7738

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