Checkin’ out: Penny University

I love my hood.  I really do.  It’s got the best of all the amazing local food and sometimes, one will get pleasantly surprised with a couple of new finds.  Like this new artisanal coffee place that has recently sprung up.  Of course, I couldn’t resist making a pit-stop for a coffee break all in the name of checking out a new place.  🙂

It was a dreary weekend and the looming dark clouds only called for threatened rainfall.  The Man and I had a couple of errands to run so to perk ourselves up, we decided to step into Penny University for a much-needed shot of caffeine.

I’m not going to proclaim I’m a coffee connoisseur because I really am not.  I can’t even tell how good the coffee is based on the roast, but I do know what makes a decent cup of coffee.   The Man’s tastebuds are slightly more discerning when it comes to what makes a good cuppa.

Was stuffed from lunch, so we ordered a cranberry scone to share.  The rest of the pastries and cakes didn’t seem to catch my attention.  Apparently, the kitchen does whip up occasional yummy bakes so I guess it really depends on your luck when you get there.  Guess, we weren’t that lucky that afternoon.

But the ambiance at Penny University made for a lovely place to people-watch, catch up on some reading or just to while the afternoon away before the start of a new week begins.  Looks like a potential new hang-out place.  🙂

Penny University
Address: 402 East Coast Road, Singapore 428997

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