all the drama…

The most horrifying thing happened to me today. Well, I guess not that surprising given that I can be quite the klutz sometimes. But, this has gotta be one of the worst falls I had ever in my recent years.

[Photo credit: Live, Laugh, Pull Hair Out]

Went for a morning meeting. The office has a strange system for floors so instead of making my way from level 27 down to level 1 and then back up to level 18, I decide I’ll take the stairs in between floors.

Usually, I’m really good at holding on to the railings for support while making my way down the stairs. But, guess my mind was preoccupied this morning. Left heel got tangled with right heel, I couldn’t grab on to the railing and I came plunging face-down ‘superman’ style down a long flight of steps.

SH*T! As I flew down, face down with my notebook, staff pass and mobile phone flying down the stairs along with me. I couldn’t believe my luck. Thankfully, I could pick myself up. Looked down at my pants and saw a tiny slit with a deep cut on my thigh. I checked elsewhere for visible sign of bruising. Damn! My chest was burning! Lifted my blouse and was horrified to see this!

I was in a state of shock! Didn’t know what else to do except to make my way to the meeting, try to finish it quick and then head off to the doctor’s.

When I went back to the desk, colleague was surprised that I was back from my meeting that quickly. By then, I went in a panic attack mode. I can’t believe I actually did this – but I burst into tears! The shock of falling from that flight of long steps coupled with the stinging pain from the bruise suddenly overwhelmed me. Colleagues came rushing with tissue trying to calm me down, which I eventually did. N, despite her busy work schedule, accompanied me to see the doctor.

Felt rather embarrassed for the emotional meltdown but I was really shell-shocked from the incident.

Doctor cleaned the wound and gave me some anti-bacterial cream. Well, nothing much I can do for now. Just that the red bruise which is probably the size of my palm will turn blue/black and will probably remain that way in the next week of so. Doc reckoned I didn’t break any bones internally, so that’s good. Will just have to monitor and see if I do feel any sharp chest pains. 😦

On a slightly more positive note, I’m thankful I didn’t break my nose or teeth or both. Phew…

And the next time? I probably will just use the elevator… not going to be walking down that flight of steps any time soon after this incident. Sheesh!


18 thoughts on “all the drama…

  1. csary says:

    Oh dear.. So sorry to read about this. Don’t have to feel too bad about it. We do trip and fall. It happen to me in a hawker centre where i was holding a plate of chicken chop! The chicken chop flew out from the plate. And i fell face down! Some were q-ing for food got a shock from me! So “malu”!!

    Hope u recover soon!!
    Take care!

    • Lady J says:

      Thanks dear! Hope you didn’t hurt yourself too badly when you fell in the hawker centre. That’s one of my fears too… falling in a crowded foodcourt or market when carrying a hot bowl of soup. YIKES!

  2. e says:

    oh dear!! From the picture, it looks nasty, It will be painful when you shower 😦 Hope you are alright now. Have a speedy recovery…sending my love your way!! :))

  3. pL says:

    get hirudoid cream for your bruises. it will speed up the recovery and disperse the bruising much faster. if you really want to rub/massage, use a warm hard boiled egg (with the shell on cos that keeps the egg warmer for longer) wrapped in a towel. the warmth and rolling will also help to disperse the bruising. these will work – i’m very prone to bruising and these are how i tackle my bruises.

    you’re quite fortunate that nothing was badly injured. a few years ago, i tripped while coming down some stairs (it was only 5 steps). i injured some ligaments in my ankle and had to hobble around for a year while trying to recover. but my ankle has never recovered 100%. i can’t wear heels for long periods anymore. *sigh*

    speedy recovery!

    • Lady J says:

      Yes, the doc gave me the hirudoid cream and it really helps to disperse the bruising much faster. You are right.. I was very lucky.. It could have been worse..

  4. Don says:

    Hi, just read this now. Hope you are all ok. If you do feel any pain in the chest, I suggest you see a TCM doctor.
    I once fell down a flight of steps too and landed on my bum. Knocked the wind out of me. I actually lost my voice for a couple of hours and my menses stopped while I was still having it.
    Went to hospital for check up to make sure nothing broken or crack (everything ok).
    But still feel some pain on back – so went to see a TCM doc, doc asked why didn’t see her immediately as it seemed got ‘internal injury’ and the injury’s already ‘settled’ and cannot cure. She said late in years, I will have pain on my right leg and true enough, now my right leg/knee is giving me a lot of pain.

  5. bookjunkie says:

    Oh no…just read this…you poor dear. Hugs. That looks so raw & painful. I would probably have burst into tears too. Thank goodness your face is ok. I always worry about falling on my face and knocking out my teeth.

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