letters from sparky:: six

hello everyone!

it’s been a while since i last penned my thoughts.  mummy has been pretty busy at work and can hardly keep up with her own blogging (so it seems).  i’ve been put on a back-seat for a while.  but it’s ok.  not feeling that great either.

what has our little family been up to?  did i tell you – i now have part-time job!  well, not exactly one that pays.. but i do get loads of treats and pats.  i’m now a certified therapy dog of therapy dogs, singapore!  my pawrents (well mummy at least) think so little of me, they thought i would fail the temperament test but i showed them!  daddy handled me well on the day of the test and i passed with flying colours.  trainer thought i was too chillax most of the time but hey, that’s how i roll.

anyhows, the pawrents wasted no time in bringing me out for my first visit to the elderly folks over at bethany methodist nursing home.  i got loads of pats on the head by the folks and even shook my paw with some of them.  because i was rather huge, some were afraid of me.  some wanted to pat me but because they were on wheelchairs, it was a little too difficult.  it’s ok, i hope in whatever way i can, i managed to spread some cheer to them.

i also got to meet some new furry friends as well.

all in all, it was a wonderful and heartwarming experience and i’m looking forward to my next ‘call of duty’ in november!

stay tuned! and follow me on my adventures with this special hashtag that jie-jie sab created for me on twitter : #sparkyforagreatergood




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