Checkin’ out: SuperTree by Indochine

The words Indochine caught my eye while we drove pass the Gardens by the Bay one evening on the way home via ECP.

It was but a matter of time, we made SuperTree by Indochine one of the new places that we had to check out.  So we did just that after our little walk in the park.

First impressions do count.  With some of the new establishments, either you make it or break it.  It’s a risk that one’s gotta take when going to new places as well, so do expect some teething problems here and there till the restaurant gets their house in order.

I hadn’t expecting on getting a table but I did after my first try calling into the restaurant.  Invited friends and their little girlie along on our dining adventure.  As kids are not allowed after 8pm, we decided to have an early dinner.

Food-wise, selection was rather underwhelming.  We let the men do the ordering but whatever they picked to be shared weren’t exactly all that impressive. As for the wine list, like I mentioned earlier – teething issues.  The only selection of wine that they had was a house red, a white and a Spanish Cava.  The cocktails listed on the menu do look interesting but the ones that we order weren’t mind-blowing at all.

I think the only unique selling point that this place has is that it’s the only establishment set atop the SuperTree Grove that’s said to offer spectacular views of the entire Gardens by the Bay on one side and the Singapore Financial District on the other side.

Would I come back?  Not exactly.  Did not have a wonderful dining experience and it’s best to head back to familiar places for now.


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