Grateful for the short work week

And thankful for the long weekend.  3 days to allow me to rest and recover from my mid-week health scare.

Didn’t feel very inspired to dress up this week.  If I have meetings outside of office, I’ll simply put on a blouse with pants and comfortable shoes that will allow me to walk and run about if I need to.  As with most days, a dress is really the only thing I like putting on.  I hate having to come up with matching ensembles.  As for skirts, I think I’ve gotten rid of most of them sticking only to pants for now.

Come midweek, I decided to dress up with this wallpaper printed dress for a special dinner with the Man and the family, but ended up staying at home because I was feeling faint and queasy.  Turned out my blood pressure was a little low which explained for the dizziness that I experienced when I got out of bed.  I really felt like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Thankfully, the bed rest prescribed by the doc and the power meds did help work and by the next day, I felt slightly more functional.  Blood pressure started to go back up to normal.  I hope it stays.

And usually on the eve of the Public Holidays, we will have grand plans of heading out to ‘party’ or just out with friends for a nice long dinner.  But because I still feel kinda sick, we headed home for a simple home-cooked meal and ended the night with a foot massage.  Slept early and felt a whole lot better the very next day.  Wonders what a whole lot of sleep can do for the weary soul.  🙂

Can you imagine October has almost come to an end?  2 more months before we bid 2012 farewell…. so much to do and so little time.  Work is going to get a whole lot more busy and I hope I have enough energy to sustain till at least mid December.  Wish me luck!


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