sale-brate with Club 21 Bazaar sale!

Guess other than the long weekend, one of the reasons I could think of celebrating over the much-needed 3-days break is with the annual Club 21 Bazaar sale!

The Man had to work and I’ve mildly recovered from my spinning spells, so what does a girl with a couple of free hours on her hand do?  I simply hopped on down and braved the crowds at the sale.  Some 1.5 hours later, I emerged a happy shopper with some pretty good bargains in tow for both the Man and myself. 🙂

When it comes to bargain hunting with huge crowds expected, I kinda like doing it on my own or with just a girlfriend.  The Man won’t tolerate the crowds and would not even bother to suggest accompanying me to such crazy events, which is why I’m often on my own and have been ‘trained’ to shop efficiently.  As for shopping companions, it wouldn’t just be any girlfriend, it has to be one who’s just as focused as I am – weaving in the crowds with ease, picking up the buys and most importantly, decisive with what you want and don’t want.

This being my second time at the Bazaar, I thought I’d share some tips with you if you are intending to make your way down to check it out:

  1. Bring just the essentials: wallet and mobile phones.  If you really must bring along a handbag, bring a small one.  Large bags will get checked in or bagged upon arrival.
  2. Trying is strictly not permitted, so be confident of the size of the item that you are getting. Else, dress comfortably and you may be able to find yourself at obscure corner at the bazaar to slip the item over you just to make sure it fits.
  3. Club 21 members does have it privileges!  Hop on to the special lane and flash your Club 21 membership card to gain access to the sale without much hassle.
  4. The queue for the credit card payment was super duper long, so if waiting is not quite your cuppa tea then bring along cash and fast-track your shopping experience.
  5. Last, but not the least and I think the best tip of all, if you can wait till the very last day of the Bazaar sale, you’ll be certain of even greater discounts.  The only problem is that you may not get the item you want in your desired size but that’s a gamble you’d have to take. 😉

So, what did I walk away with?

A scarf print top from Versace and a floral blouse from Marni.

Plus this awesome AX faux fur vest for only S$40!  Can you believe it?!?

If you are reading this today (27 October) and if I’ve ‘tempted’ you enough, then you should really head on down for the Club 21 Bazaar sale happening at the F1 Pit Building.  Sale ends tomorrow, Sunday (28 October) at 6pm.  So don’t wait! 😉

Go on out and sale-brate!


2 thoughts on “sale-brate with Club 21 Bazaar sale!

  1. Corsage says:

    Ahhhh I wish I could go! But I just spent $$ and time at the Le Creuset sale. Gotta prioritise these days. Love that hooded top! I guess we’ll see it worn at your next colder-climate holiday destination!

    • Lady J says:

      Yeah.. everyone was at the Le Creuset sale. Tempting but I hardly cook much these days. The MIL does the cooking and I doubt she will like the weight of Le Creuset items. 🙂
      2013… hopefully I will bring the vest out to play.. hehe

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