poor fur-baby

Poor Sparky has been sick (again)!  He’s down with a really bad skin infection.  We’ve brought him to the vet  and he’s been put on a series of meds with special cream for his flaring red spots. 😦

I really hate putting him on meds for he’s a doggy and honestly, it’s a short term solution for his problems now.  I’m just worried in the long run, the meds will do more harm to him than good.  But I’m no vet and this is the easiest way to ease his skin problems for now.  😦 I tried getting the natural skin sprays and silver gel (apparently aids healing naturally) but got chided for the Man for using alternative solutions that don’t solve the probelm.  😦

Please, please, please get well soon Sparky!  I miss your playful self and you just being by my side for the meds make you drowsy most of the time.  😦


9 thoughts on “poor fur-baby

    • Lady J says:

      Yes, I really do hate the helpless feeling. I wish he could tell us what he’s going through but he can’t. Doggies have such high tolerance for pain.. it hurts seeing them like this.

  1. qian says:

    Hi, you may try giving Sparky a capsule of cod liver oil every 2-3days. My furkid, a shitzu, used to develop scabs regularly, every other week. Ever since I started giving him a capsule once a week (he is quite tiny, 2kg), the skin problems ceased. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Biyin says:

    Mine too! My poor baby maltese x shih tzu is also victim to the horrible weather we have. We have to make him wear the e-collar whenever he is left alone if not he is sure to bite himself until he bleeds. He was on steriods for a period of time until we told the vet no more. Hate it when our babies r sick. Hope sparky makes a quick recovery soon!

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