Checkin’ out: Catalunya

Of late, the Man has been hanging out at Catalunya pretty often and what’s not to like about the place?  It’s close to the office, the cocktails are really pretty darn amazing, the food is just wonderful (personally, I think it was better than our dining experience in Pollen) and it boasts a spectacular view of some of Singapore’s key attractions.

See what I mean? 😉

But more importantly, I was keen to visit Catalunya and try out the food offerings for it is helmed by Chef Alain Devahive Tolosa who spent a decade in the kitchen of El Bulli.  Now that El Bulli has shut its doors, I was mighty glad that one of the seasoned chefs has decide to come to our sunny shores to open shop – a testament that our culinary scene has definitely evolved.

As with the other new places that we’ve checked out, I firmly believe that dining is so much more enjoyable when like-minded friends come round the table to share the meal.  So, we finally nailed a date and the whole Gang headed out for a mid-weekly dinner affair.  I had been so looking forward to the date, wanting to document the entire dining experience given that the Gang being the gluttons will probably want to order majority of the food items on the menu.

BUT, lighting at Catalunya was really pretty bad and after a couple of failed attempts at taking the photos of the food, I decided to give up.  Looks like I just have to come back during lunch and document what we loved.

We started the evening with several rounds of cocktails.  Personally, I think the bartenders at Catalunya make up a delicious and mean cocktail.  Fresh and fruity ingredients are used in their concoctions.  No wonder this has become one of our favourite watering holes after work. My favourite so far is the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ cocktail.  Try it and let me know know if you like it too.

Oh and ladies, if you are reading this, let me fill you in on another sweetener.  Wednesday nights are Ladies Night at Catalunya.  You know what this means right?  1-for-1 cocktails for all the ladies in the house.  Offer only valid at the Bar but it’s good enough if you ask me.  You can order on some light bites while sipping the delicious cocktails with your girlies.

Food-wise.. what can I say…most of the items that the Man ordered for the Gang were hits.  For starters, I particularly enjoyed the Tomato Tartar Confit which resembled like a beef tartar when our server put it down but taste hardly anything like it.  The finely minced tomato bits were extremely refreshing.  Best enjoyed with thin wafer crisps, this made for a wonderful start to the meal.  Other memorable starters that we had were the Jamon Iberico Croquettes and the individual serving of the deconstructed Spanish Omelette.

If the round of Tapas haven’t filled your tummies by now, then go on to the next level and order the mains.  That’s the beauty of dining in a big group I guess.  The suckling pig was a must-order according to the Man and another friend.  When our server showed us the little suckling pig, I almost felt bad.  Took a pic but had it removed.  On hindsight, it may be offensive to some.  That said, the suckling pig was indeed very tender and you know that it’s cooked to perfection when you bite into that thin crisp layer of skin.  What’s also interesting to watch is that they cut this little suckling piggy at the table with a dessert plate.  With the amount of strength that they exert during the cutting, I half-wondered why the plate hasn’t cracked by now.

Dessert-wise.  I can’t particularly remember anything that was outstanding.  Perhaps it was the alcohol that finally kicked in but it was a merry night to remember.

Address: 82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049327
Telephone: +65 6534 0886

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