Get fresh!

I first learned of this brand probably from R over at Girl on the Ave but I only truly started getting acquainted with fresh on our recent trip to New York where I picked up 2 coloured lip treatments and a mascara.

I love the heavenly scent that’s not to overpowering when I slather the coloured lip treatment on my lips.  It moisturises, protects, smoothes the lips while leaving a subtle pink or rouge tint.  What’s not to like?  No wild guesses there for the lippies became a staple in my make-up pouch.

Couldn’t resist picking up more goodies from fresh recently.  Looking forward to bath time with this Sugar Lychee Shower gel that invigorates the skin without drying it overly.  Plus another new lippy to add to the collection!  This time round, I got one of the latest colour – Coral Lip Treatment which is a juicy coral tint. I love coral lippies; somehow they tend to brighten up the skin and it’s a happy colour to look at too.


3 thoughts on “Get fresh!

  1. Biyin says:

    I love fresh too! Am crazy over the scent.. I am using the fragrance and lip treatment.. Have 3.. One in office.. One in my bag n one in office!

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