What do I do?

I’m almost certain everyone would wondered what they wanna be when they grow up. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an actress when I grow up. Of course, that never happened.

The next time, I asked myself this question was prior to graduation. ‘What did I want to do? What kind of job was I interested in?’

Armed with a Arts Degree (with majors in English Language and Sociology), the bright-eyed me was besotted with the world of Fashion. I wanted to go into Fashion Marketing. But of course, the parentals weren’t too happy with my choice and helped get me a job doing Marketing Communications for a defunct hotel chain.

With no background in Marketing what-so-ever, I tried to learn the ropes. The team was really small – a Manager, an Assistant and about 4-5 other people in the company. Though it was a pretty small outfit, I did learn the basics of marketing communications. My stay in Company 1 wasn’t very long as one of the business partners recommended me to try out for a Marketing Communications role in a Fashion Co.

Boy, was I pysched! Hopped over to Fashion Co where I met the current boss and learnt more about Marketing Communications. From advertising, promotions, PR and events marketing, I picked up new skills. The boss was really nice as well, extremely patient and nurturing since I was quite the noob in Fashion Marketing.

So I stayed in this line for a good couple of years moving across industries. While I truly enjoyed working in fashion industry, the hours were often cruel. I recalled staying in at work till about 3 am completing those guest invites or waiting for all the guests to go home before packing up and heading home. But looking back, I’m glad for having the opportunity to work in the Fashion industry. Those were the good years and I wouldn’t have given it up for anything. At least I can now move on and say ‘Been there, done that.’

After I got married, I packed my bags and moved to Tokyo to be with the Man. But the stay-home wife plus part-time student gig didn’t last very long for some 10 months later, we were back in Singapore.

Having taken a 1 year break from work, it was tough to get back in the workforce. Remember Boss from Fashion Co? I reconnected with her and she recommended me a 6-months contract job in the Finance Industry. I didn’t know if I would even get the job because I knew I didn’t have the proper credentials nor qualifications. But the Head of the Department took a chance on me and since my job responsibility then was primarily public relations for community events, she thought it was something that I could pick up along the way. 3 months into the contract role, I got offered a permanent position with the department and have been with the Company ever since.

Did I ever imagine that I would be in this role? Honestly, no. But I was in this role for a good 3 years. Thereafter, moving on to a brand role within the department for about a year before relocating to Geneva. When we moved back earlier this year, I had difficulty looking for a job but thankfully, another position within the team opened up. I went back to the Company excited about a new role but some 4 weeks later, things changed again and I came full circle going back to what I first started with.

Maybe it was meant to be but well, the somewhat new-old role comes with challenges but also with a sense of fulfillment for a job well-done.

So did you guess correctly?  Some were spot on guesses and I wonder how did you guys phantom on the guess.  😉


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