Holiday Snapshots :: Palermo

We spent the last two days in Palermo – the capital of Sicily. Here’s what we did during our short visit to this city which I thought the old co-existed along with bits of the new.

After settling into our hotel, we explored the city on foot and stopped by at the Teatro Massimo for some touristy shots.



Day two of our visit saw us checking out these attractions:

The Piazza Pretoria with its captivating fountains and gleaming white marbled statues.

Visited the Capuchin Catacombes of Palermo, they are namely burial catacombs where mummified bodies lined narrow passageways. Sounds kinda creepy? It really was but an eye-opening experience.

Photos are strictly prohibited so nothing to share on what I saw inside but I did put on a skull-inspired tee for this trip.

Also headed up to Monreale to visit the famed church where golden mosaic tiles adorned the interior of this abbey.


Last but not the least, we feasted on local delights such as the canoli – a Sicilian delight of puff pastry filled with Ricotta cheese. Sounds absolutely sinful but yummy too with every bite.

And with that, we left our friends and are now headed to Part Deux of our holiday where more merry-making with the Man’s friends continue.


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