Bling my world

A peek in my weekly wardrobe to work.

Monday: Always harder to get out of the bed.  Uninspired.  So threw on a simple black dress and paired it with an eye-catching blue chandelier necklace.
Tuesday: Drop-waist dresses are in again this season!  Pulled out an old dress and accessorised with loads of different chains.

Wednesday:  Mid-week dinner date with the gang!  Put on this new dress which was heavily marked-down on ASOS along with my all-time fave neon yellow necklace.
Thursday: Had loads of meetings.  Wasn’t in the mood to dress up.  So just pulled out a simple brown top, paired with pants and simply piled on the armswag.
Friday:  FINALLY!  Had a thing going on with a colleague in the office, so whipped out my hot pink pants along with my skull-printed top (a recent purchase from Bangkok).  I felt rather self-conscious in the office later on.. felt eyes staring at me or rather my super-bright pants.

That’s it for me this week!  One more week before the big vacay.. our last long vacay for the year.


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