Back at Mikuni again

The all too familiar question of ‘Where shall we go for dinner?‘ popped up again one Sunday evening as the Man and I decided that it was going to be Date Night.  Sunday evenings are always a toughie to plan where to head for dinner as most of the restaurants that we could pop into without reservations are closed.  I was a little wary of suggesting new-and-not-tested places to the Man after this incident.  Date Nights are after all a little more special and the room for error is really quite low.

Fresh from a wonderful dining experience at Mikuni, I felt rather confident in recommending the place for our impromptu Date Night.  I had wanted to go back to try the Robatayaki offerings and I guess the Man will take Japanese food over any other suggested cuisine.  Yes, yes, we really love our Japanese food very much.

Service on that particular Sunday evening was pretty slow so we got our counter-seats at Mikuni rather quickly.  We skimmed through the menu and went straight for the Robatayaki course menu which looked satisfying.  Boy, was I looking forward to dinner.

The famed Mikuni Chawamushi served in a egg-shell.  Just as I remembered as I slurped the silky smooth egg custard that had a hint of foie gras in it.  Polished up every morsel of the small serving which was extremely satisfying.

Next up, the swordfish sashimi with the black truffle sauce before heading off to the main dishes.

Now on to the highlight of the meal – Robatayaki which actually refers to a method cooking in which food on skewers are slow-grilled over hot charcoal.  The food is then placed on a huge paddle and served by the chef.  Novelty aside, I thought the food prep in Robatayaki is slightly different from that of Yakitori where the food items are char-grilled over hot charcoal.

I’m not going to review everything that we ate for it was just about great so am going to let the pictures do the talking instead.

Boy were we stuffed by the time dinner ended.  Not pictured here was this yummy onigiri that was served at the very end together with a steaming bowl of miso soup.  I asked for an extra helping of Ume just because I like having my rice with the preserved plum.  Also, the Man ordered a special serving of the Eggplant with miso and ground nuts.  I love eggplant, the Man, on the other hand, isn’t such a big fan but surprisingly, the flavours used in this dish won his tastebuds over.  Eggplant dish at Mikuni – 1, the Man – 0.  😉

Looks like Mikuni is going to be our favourite venue for future date nights if we ever ran strap of ideas on a Sunday night.  We kinda liked what we ate that evening that we ran out and got ourselves a ‘Feed at the Raffles‘ dining card for it only translates to more savings for us when we come back here again.  🙂


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