Dog-friendly places: The Coastal Settlement

Hooray!!!  Our fur-kiddo, Sparky passed his temperament test last Sunday and will be joining the ranks of other Therapy dogs come the next couple of weeks.  We decided to celebrate this little achievement and went out for a cosy party at The Coastal Settlement which also happened to be a dog-friendly restaurant.

Dog-friendly restaurants in Singapore are few but that’s slowly changing.  I do hope that more establishments will slowly warm up to this concept.  I really long for the day where we can bring Sparky out more often with us.  Did you know that dogs in Europe are allowed in shopping malls?   I’m sure if he was much smaller, we could fit him in a bag but unfortunately, he is all of 30+ kilos. That will be one really heavy carry-on which I’m not certain I could carry along.

There isn’t a separate menu for the pooches.  I guess the kiddo is just contented lying around and hanging out with us.  The nice people at TCS also provided him with some water which he happily plonked half of his face in because it was a little warm.

Now, a review of the food served at TCS.  I thought it was a pretty decent spread.  The Strawberry and Spinach Salad that we had as a starter was hearty and refreshing.  The Man didn’t enjoy this as much as I did.

We also ordered a portion of Portobello Mushrooms to share.  Coated with bread crumbs and a hint of truffle oil, these were indeed yummy and addictive.  Couldn’t stop myself from stuffing my face silly with these goodies.

For the mains, we shared the Cheeseburger.  The beef patty was thick and oh-so-juicy.  The sesame buns used for the burger were soft and crusty.  As you can imagine, the whole burger was just delish!  Maybe I was just hungry!  Hehe..

The sun was slowly setting by the time we finished our mains.  I had just that teeny bitsy space for dessert and that Salted Caramel Cheesecake was going to be my choice for sweets BUT we were getting bitten by the mozzies, so decided to head home instead.  Sparky was getting a lil bored as well and his ears perked up when we mentioned ‘C’mon let’s go home!‘.

I think this will not be our last trip to TCS.  I would really like to come back and try their brunch specials.  And guess who’s tagging along?  I’ll make sure I will bring some snacks to feed him as well so that he won’t feel left out.  Hehe…

The Coastal Settlement
Address: 200 Netheravon Road
Tel: 6475 0200

10 thoughts on “Dog-friendly places: The Coastal Settlement

  1. e says:

    the burger looks damn delish!! Tho I stay so nearby, I’ve only been there once. Looks like I shud go there more often 🙂

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