When work gets me down, what’s a girl got to do?  Well, I’d say look forward to a night of good food, fab wine and fantastic company!  Now, that’s a cure for the work-blues.  Oh.. but be warned.. over-indulging can trigger off hangover-like symptoms the morning-after.  Not too sure if the boss would be too happy about this.

Massive amount of alcohol for a party of 15.  That’s not counting the other bottles of bubbly we had before dinner started.  Yikes!

Food at Valentino was dependable and hearty.  They moved to a bigger place at Turf City so that means that they could accommodate more diners compared to their previous location.

The pastas we had were oh-so-good.  Not sure what we ate but I think halfway down the meal, we probably went auto-pilot and polished off what’s left on our plates.  I gotta make another trip back to try out the other pastas.

Last but not least, I definitely remember having this!  Gorgeous cute of beef chunks that were cooked to perfection with rocket salad greens scattered generous around it.  This was simply THE best part of the meal, other than the alkie, of course!

And with that, I hope you have plans for the weekend that’s just round the corner!  Perhaps a little merry-making with friends?


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