50 shades of trouble caused

Yes, yes.. I couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon to get my hands on Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James. I have to admit, I didn’t do much research on the book. In between work and home, I only had time to wonder why almost every other female on my Facebook feed was raving about the book. I wanted to see what the fuss was about and the only way to do so is to get my hands on it.

Tried looking for it at the bookstores near the office but unfortunately, they don’t stock it. So I got my friend who makes a weekly trip to the bookstore with her kids to help get it. My brief description about the book was just Erotic Literature. Her lil girl’s ears perked up when she heard us adults whispering and giggling away. I guess curiosity got the better of the lil’ girl and she knew we adults were up to no good.

So when friend went to the book-store, she managed to hunt the book down for me. Unfortunately, she had loads of other bags to carry and couldn’t reach the top shelves to pick the book up. Without giving it much thought, she asked the lil’ girl to help reach and get the book for this Aunty here (aka me). You gotta admit the cover does look pretty harmless.

Imagine this, a lil’ girl probably jumping to reach the book while the Mom was standing over at the queue with big bags. A store assistant came by, saw the lil’ girl jumping and helped her get the book. When the store assistant saw the book, he/she was momentarily shocked and told lil’ girl: ‘Girl, this book is not suitable for you.‘ Lil’ girl replied loudly, ‘It’s not for me. It’s for my mommy over there.‘, points at friend who wanted the floor to open and swallow her up.

Friend related the story and I honestly felt bad for putting her through the trouble. Who would have thought it caused such a commotion in her household? I thought it was just a matter of picking up a book and paying for it. I learned my lesson of course. Note to self: always check contents of book and whether it’s suitable for young children, which in my case, was clearly not. 😦

Now back to the book, was it that good a read? I’d say it was a delicious yet trashy read. In another friend’s words ‘A book trying to pass off as a great literary read.’ I’d have to agree with on her on this one, some parts were truly unbelievable (I won’t go on to disclose more). But yet, I got ‘sucked’ in the storyline and finished the trilogy. ;p

Note: Lady J did not cause any more embarrassment to Friend and went on to purchase e-versions of books 2 and 3.


One thought on “50 shades of trouble caused

  1. bech73 says:

    I also got sucked in but I had heard lots about it… some good, mostly bad. I still bought it. And I also thought it was deliciously trashy. I thought the writing was TERRIBLE! But I liked the story. And I went out and bought the next 2 because I wanted to know what happened next. I actually couldn’t put it down (that is, when I was alone and not with my teenage children!), despite the woeful, repetitive writing. It’s a good story and I’m not sure why the carry on… Mills and Boon have been selling trashy, explicit, novels for generations and no-one says boo about them!!

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