Pumped up kicks

Yes, I’m fallen head-over-heels with spikes and studs this season.  Pretty hard actually.  I’ve seen those spiked shoes by Louboutins but gosh, they cost so much!  So, I was over-the-moon when I was surfing Zara’s offerings and saw their latest collection of shoes.  Best part?  A fraction of what a pair of Loubies might cost.

Since my footwear needed a little updating.  I decided to indulge a little and picked up a pair of heels plus a pair of flats.  Can’t wait to pair them with my outfits!  But I’m also  a little worried that I might actually hurt myself when wearing them, for you see, I can be quite the klutz at times.

Besides the 2 pairs that I had purchased, here are 2 others that I also have my eye on.

Fuchsia Pink Moustache Slipper

Skull Slipper

[Photo credit: Zara]

Looks like I will be popping into Zara pretty often this season to check what they have on their shelves.  But hey, if you do happen to be in Zara and spot the above items, do give me a shout-out.


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