Meeting Singapore’s rising bag-star: Ethan K

The highlight for me last week has got to be meeting Singapore’s very own rising bag-star – Ethan Koh.  Recently graduated London College Fashion, Ethan looks set to rule the world with his beautifully crafted arm candy.  And gosh, is he young!  He only recently turned 24 or 25.  He started his very own Ethan K label in 2009 and has already built quite a cult following for his exotic leather bags.

Ethan spends most of his time in London now where he’s based.  But he does come back to our tiny little island occasionally within the year.  During his short visit back home, he takes the effort to meet up with his clients (existing and new) to update and share on his latest offerings.

A friend happens to be one of Ethan’s clients, so she kindly hosted a bag party for some of the ladies to meet up with the talented man.  Feeling a little star-struck, I didn’t bring out my camera for fear of scaring the bag maestro off.  So I must apologise for the not-so-great photos taken mostly on my iPhone using the Instagram app.

All fears were put to rest for Ethan turned out to be real friendly.  We chatted and were given a crash course on exotic leathers.  Helped that the booze that the friend provided lightened up the mood making it a fun and memorable evening for all present (Men included).


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