Retail therapy at Platinum Mall

Wifi!!! So a quick update before we begin the rest of the day. ;).  Took a super early flight into Bangkok yesterday, the Man had golf so I was left to roam on my own. Decided to head out to check out Platinum Mall on my own.  It was my first visit to the Mall and after reading what Rene from somethingaboutrene hauled back from the Mall, I was pretty optimistic.

My cab dropped me and I was amazed by the number of people carrying huge bags trawling out from the Mall. Wow? Could shopping be that good? Entered the closed doors and I was overwhelmed not only by the bustling activity but by the sheer amount of tiny little shops packed in these 3 buildings. If I could liken to a shopping concept that I think it’s pretty close to, it would be Far East Plaza but maybe 20 or 30 times more!

Feeling a little lost initially and not knowing where to start, I walked around first to suss out what some of the shops were selling. A couple of items caught my eye but I thought I would come back and buy them if I really couldn’t find anything else to get. Rookie shopping mistake committed! The place is like a labyrinth, one turn and you’ll find yourself in another zone. I never quite made it back to some of the stores which I earmarked although I tried hard to retrace my steps. But having said that, it was a fruitful trip where I thought I did well covering ground. ;). Loved the skull-printed items that I picked up. The most expensive of the lot was a short-sleeved dress priced at 390baht.

Stocked up on printed tops and dresses too! The cheapest of the lot was the whimsical lipstick chiffon printed top for only 99baht! That’s practically a steal!! I doubt I could even get a Starbucks coffee at the price!

Also worth nothing that most of the stalls housed at Platinum Mall are kinda tiny so trying of the items are not permitted in some stalls. Yes, it’s the buy at your own risk type of concept. So have a sense of whether the item will fit your body type and take the plunge! Most of the items I got fitted pretty okay on me except for a watercolor printed jersey dress that looked completely wrong. ;(

And presenting my most pleased buys of the trip – Accessories!! Initially I was a little conservative with the purchase but as I walked on and saw many of the items that caught my eye, I thought what the heck?!? They cost a lot lesser than what I would get back home or on the Internet, so I added a little more items into the shopping bag. Can’t wait to pile them on! 🙂

As I was picking up the accessories, this ‘in your face’ leopard pendant was literally in my face. Stared hard and wondered if I would eventually wear it. Thought it was a pretty fun piece for black ensembles, so picked it up and added it with the rest of the bejeweled items. I guess if I don’t get to wear it, it will still make for a striking decor item in my accessories drawer.

So there you have it, a short post on my excursion to Platinum Mall. I’m skipping Chatuchak this trip round after the visit to Platinum Mall where prices are attractive (think wholesale) and the shopping environment so much more pleasant (think air-conditioning).


9 thoughts on “Retail therapy at Platinum Mall

    • Lady J says:

      Thanks babe.. I was a little reserved initally but decided to splurge after I got mildly lost in the labyrinth. Pretty happy with all my buys! 😉 Thanks for the recommendation.

  1. Jasmine says:

    I love plantinum mall – reading your entry makes crave for a weekend trip :)) Heard there’s a new shopping place name Terminal 21 that’s equally good!

    • Lady J says:

      Yeah.. I heard about Terminal 21, drove past it as well, but just didn’t have the time to check it out. 😦 Excuse to make another trip down.. hehe

  2. Don says:

    Wah, nice stuff. Will you post more pics of your buys? I haven’t been to BKK for ages! Looks like if i do go, I can just go straight to Platinum and skip Chatuchak.

    • Lady J says:

      Thanks Don! Im pretty pleased with my buys and will try to post them along the way. Yeah if you do go to Bangkok, think you can just head straight to Platinum 🙂

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