Checkin’ out: Henry Congressional

After a not-so-pleasant lunch at Menya Musashi over at Ion, I deliberately avoided the weekend crowds over at Orchard and suggested coffee at Henry Congressional to the Man.  Not a huge fan of crowds, he obliged.

Nestled in Henry Park  Apartments, Henry Congressional is a pop-up cafe that will be gone in January 2013 along with the rest of the estate.

I’ve been reading about Henry Congressional from some of the bloggers and was excited to try out the much-raved about Pandan Cake that’s baked from scratch using all natural ingredients. 

It was such a hot day, so skipped the coffee and went straight for the iced tea. 

The pandan cake was truly light and fluffy.  Almost couldn’t stop myself from stuffing my face with more cake.  The Man who’s normally a pandan cake fan took just a couple of bites of the cake cos I finished it off rather quickly.

And I was almost ready to step out of Henry Congressional but Y’s tweet stopped me from doing so.  Ended up with another dessert – Flourless Chocolate Cake in the tummy before heading out.  I was very stuffed thereafter but happy to have spent a lazy Sunday afternoon with a seemingly naughty read as the Man flipped glossy pages of the mags.  🙂

Henry Congressional
Address: 44 Holland Grove Road, Singapore.
Opening hours: Wed& Thurs: 8am-10pm, Fri: 8am-12am, Sat & Sun: 10am-12am.  Closed Monday and Tuesday.

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