Third time’s a charm at ODP

The Style Princess was back in Singers for her Summer vacay and the intern who first got to know her in Geneva during his vacation wanted to meet up with her, so a get-together was in order.  I had to organise the outing of course, becos I had to ask Style Princess’s momma for permission to take the girlie out.   Being the chaperone for this gathering also meant I was responsible for bringing her back to the door-step after dinner.

The intern and I were involved in a volunteering event which was close to Tiong Bahru, so I suggested dinner at ODP purely for convenience plus it does make for a pretty cool hang-out for the 16 yo gal who’s not been to this part of the town yet.  Thank goodness, she liked it and thought it was a trendy place for the cool kids to hang out.  Hehe.

Couldn’t risk being turned away if we just showed up at ODP unannounced on a Friday evening, so made reservations way in advance.  Yes, I don’t exactly like messing up with the dinner plans unnecessarily (especially if it’s on a weekend and the hip places are usually packed) and if it takes just one phone-call or web-booking to secure a table at a restaurant, then I’ll do it.  I hate having to scramble and find another restaurant if I can help it. Ordered a couple of starters to share:  (Top right to bottom left) papaduck papadum with crusted duck fillets & mint yoghurt dip / flamed tuna carpaccio with radish and yuzu salad and crispy chicken wings with curry, yoghurt and cucumber salad.  Unfortunately, my fave steak tartare with truffle mayo and potato chips was not available for the day.  I was sorely disappointed for that’s the one dish that I really liked and had wanted the Style Princess to have a taste of it.  She’s a steak tartare fan plus truffle fan too.  I was quite certain that she would enjoy this dish.  Of the three starters, I particularly enjoyed the papaduck papadum.  My dining companions thought it was like deep-fried chicken strips.  But I thought the duck strips coated with crushed papadum were simply delish.  Couldn’t stop at one actually.

For the mains, we shared the wild mushroom risotto with truffle crumbs and the smoked pork belly with roast pumpkin walnuts and grapes.  Both of these dishes weren’t new; I had them before.  But somehow this time round, I thought they tasted even better than before.  Is it even possible?  The dishes keep getting better with each visit?  Hmm..

This time round, there’s finally room for dessert!  So we ordered two to share and even got the kitchen to put a birthday candle for one of the desserts.  We were celebrating the Style Princess’s sweet 16!  The chocolate and pistachio souffle, creme anglaise dessert was passable.  The very slight of pistachio souffle only came through when you stared hard at the colouring which clearly could be mistaken as pandan souffle.  The ice-cream ‘why just sunday’ was the fairer choice, loved the chocolate cake and honeycomb bits in these deconstructed sundae.

We didn’t stay very long for we were only given 2 hours for the table but it was sufficient for a couple of good laughs with my possibly youngest group of friends.  Gee, now I feel really OLD!


One thought on “Third time’s a charm at ODP

  1. bookjunkie says:

    after reading this post I must say that young people (like you & my cousin) make me feel young and keep me in touch with all things cool & fashionable 🙂

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